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Pinky in her Thirsties Diaper Cover

Pinky in her pink Thirsties!

When I was preparing my cloth diaper stash a few months ago, before my daughter was born, I was convinced I no longer wanted to use prefolds and covers. Pockets and AIOs sounded like the easiest and only way to go, even after cloth diapering my son as a newborn.  Well now that she is here and a month old, I find myself reaching for them time and time again.

Prefolds and covers have been so easy in a crunch, when I see poop in the near forecast, and on those days when I’m behind in washing laundry. I was also so excited to discover that you can comfortably cloth diaper your newborn in prefolds and covers.

I was new to cloth diapering with my 2nd son and honestly, the first month is a blurr. I know I used prefolds and covers but they didn’t seem to fit like they do on my daughter. I did kind of reinvent my prefolds by cutting them up and sewing microfleece on the top of them. Maybe this is what contributed to the awesome bulkless fit.

I will say that my favorite newborn covers have been Thirsties diaper cover size x-small (apx. fits 6-12 lbs) and the Thirsties Duo Wrap diaper cover size one . They are awesom! I also love them for my 21 month old! If you are having a newborn and can afford to purchase a fitted cover, these are the way to go. I have tried bummis super whisper wrap for newborn, sweetpeas one size cover (which I love, just not for a newborn), Flip one-size diaper covers, and Econobum one size diaper covers and they didn’t fit my newborn well.

Sweet Pea has a newborn diaper cover now (which I wish I would have known about 4 weeks ago) that may be a great option as well. Check out this review from Autumn Beck’s website All About Cloth Diapers, a great resource for cloth diaperers!

For right now, Thirsties are the covers I go to for my newborn. Here are my top reasons why:

1. They have a dip in the front of the diaper for the healing umbilical chord

2. They have double gussets that keep the newborn pee and poop in. This means no leaks!

3. They fit great. Less bulk.

4. They are durable and stand up to many washes. With some of them I used them for my son and now for my daughter and they are holding up wonderfully!

5. They are more affordable than pockets or AIOs. Although they aren’t the cheapest covers out there, they are worth the price for their quality.

6. AND they have cute colors and prints.

Now that Pinky (I call her Pinky because she was so pink when she was born – she still is…) is a month old, the above mentioned one size covers are fitting her, however not as well as I’d like. I’d say in a couple of weeks that should change.  Then I’ll do an update on which cover’s are my go tos!

Having Fun with Fluff,